Sinophobia is the fear, intense dislike or hatred of China and anything or anybody from China, with a history dating back centuries. 
2020 brought about a resurgence of Sinophobia that affected not only people of Chinese descent or origin but also other East Asian communities. The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a dramatic, worldwide increase in reported cases of verbal, physical and online attacks against Chinese and other ESEA (East and Southeast Asian) people. 
Attacks often go unreported for a variety of reasons, which include a lack of trust in authorities to do anything, the language barrier, or a fear that their report will not be taken seriously - either if they think what happened is not “serious” enough or think they will face further racial bias against them. Another reason is that among the Chinese there is a culture of “standing aside from troubles,” wanting to keep their head down and not attract further attention or problems. 

On Your Side is a UK-wide support and reporting service for anyone in the UK who identifies as East and Southeast Asian who has experienced racism or any forms of hate. 

Learn more about The University of Edinburgh’s support and guidance for students who have experienced any forms of discrimination.

The Advice Place is run by the Student's Association and is a third party crime reporting site. If you are a victim of a crime, they can support you.

You can call 999 in an emergency to speak to Police or 101 for non-emergencies. If not an emergency, but you wish to report something, you can report online

There are two ways you can tell us what happened