What is abusive behaviour? 
If you are concerned about your own behaviour or responses towards a partner/ex-partner or someone you may have had some form of intimate relationship with, you can seek advice and support. This may be because you wish to understand your behaviours or attitudes and to ensure that you are able to have safe and fulfilling inter-personal relationships in the future. 

It can be very challenging to acknowledge that your current or past behaviours have resulted in hurting or abusing someone, but with the right support you can look to change such behaviours and increase the health and wellbeing of those around you and feel happier within yourself. 
Examples of how you may have made someone else feel abused and or fearful can include the following and may have taken place in any form of relationship/inter-personal contact as a ”one-off” or over a prolonged period of time and includes all forms of genders and sexual orientations: 
  • Making emotionally abusive and derogatory comments about someone 
  • indecent or offensive remarks or jokes intended to undermine their confidence 
  • controlling behaviours such as restricting their access to friends/social media/enforcing your demands about what they wear, where they go, who they speak to etc 
  • demands for sexual acts and making them do things without their explicit consent 
  • the threat or actual sharing of intimate images 
  • threats or actual acts  to hurt them- physically, emotionally or sexually 
  • refusing to accept a relationship is over- or persisting to contact/harass them in person or social media 
  • threatening/stalking them and/or their friends or family 

There are two ways you can tell us what happened