•  Report & Support: Students can report an incident using the University’s Report & Support platform. The purpose of this platform is to provide support in the event of sexual violence, abuse or harassment. You can also choose to make an anonymous report 
  •  Equally Safe Team: Students can contact the team directly at for support navigating current or non-recent sexual violence, harassment or other forms of gender based violence
  •  Code of Student Conduct: Visit this link to find out more about how the University can respond to any complaints of abuse or harassment
  •  Student Counselling Service: Supports the mental health and well-being of all students at the University, through short term counselling and referral to other support 
  • The EUSA Advice Place employs a team of advisers to provide one-to-one advice to students. It’s a free and comprehensive welfare rights and education service. They can offer information, support, advice, signposting and referral to more specialist services 

There are two ways you can tell us what happened