Help to ensure their safety
If they are at home or in the home of someone else – has the attacker gone? If they have contacted you can you help them to make themselves safe by calling the police or intervening in some other way? Call 999 for Police Scotland.
If you need a safe space or support from the University, on or off campus, call the University Security team on 0131 650 2257.
This number is available 24 hours a day for University staff, students or other informants who need to report a serious incident that requires immediate and urgent response by the University.
Does the survivor have any injuries?
If the survivor has any physical symptoms after an assault help them to seek medical help.
If they have more than a very minor injury, or were unconscious for even a short time, you should take them to Accident and Emergency.

Offering Support

If someone you know has experienced relationship abuse, it is important that you listen to them, and be open to what they are telling you. Try not to ask for a lot of detail, and make it clear that you are ready to listen. Offer practical support, such as directing them to the online Report  + Support system, or providing details of specialist support services.
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There are two ways you can tell us what happened