We want to stress to any student who may be affected by this issue that the University will always provide support. We have invested significantly in specially trained support staff, including a Sexual Violence & Harassment Liaison Manager, who can provide support and advice. The relevant University services have received updated information & resources alerting them to increased levels of reporting around possible drug-assisted sexual assaults. 

 We work closely in this area with Police Scotland and with a wide range of groups - including the Consent Collective and Edinburgh University Students’ Association - to tackle violence and are part of the ‘Fearless Edinburgh’ partnership, which brings together Edinburgh College, Police Scotland and the NHS to address sexual violence. We are also working with frontline support groups such as Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre, and funding more support for survivors through them.

Please contact us at reportandsupport.ed.ac.uk to discuss in more detail.

There are two ways you can tell us what happened